Guy Washburn’s images transport the viewer into a New England woodland realm where the mystery, grace and power of nature are revealed in the movement of the seasons and the constant flow of water. To view these images is to slip down an overlooked path or arrive breathlessly at the top of a steep climb. Forgotten or ignored secrets are glimpsed. Stillness is witnessed and joined. The chaos of daily life is forgotten.

For years, Guy focused on black and white, but more recent influences of Asher Durand, Jackson Pollack, Eliot Porter and Joe Cornish have sparked an expansion into color work. Guy has studied with John Sexton, Michael A. Smith, Paula Chamlee, Craig Stevens, Cig Harvey and Stephen Johnson.

He was part of a two person show at Gallery Seven in 2010 and has shown in juried exhibitions at the Cambridge Art Association (including an honorable mention in the fall 2018 show) and the Concord Art Association.

Untitled photo
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